What to know about the writing itself

guy writing

  1. Be You. Every student has an ideal topic for themselves. Don’t worry about if your friends are writing about this or that. Focus on you, your life story, and what you want to tell. I’ve laughed and cried with essays; the whole range of emotions are available. None is inherently better. You just want them to connect with you.
  2. Tell a story. Thinking about it as an essay can make it sound academic, but really you are telling colleges a story about your life, so let it read like one. People are attracted to narratives. Remember to show your readers what you mean, let them experience the emotions for themselves, do not simply tell them how they should feel.
  3. Catchy opening sentence. Admissions officers can read over fifty essays on a good day. Be sure your opening lines pull them in. Make you language engaging so they want to keep reading.


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