My Programs for Personal Statement Essay, Supplemental School Essay(s), and Scholarship Essay(s) are all-encompassing. That is, for the price of the program you will have my unlimited assistance until we have reached the end of your final draft.

I will help you personally through brainstorming, outlining, writing, and editing. We will begin each program with an assessment of your goals and values to be sure your writing is natural and sincere. You will learn how to best represent yourself to colleges so that they can get to know you, how you think, and how you will fit in at their campuses.

Common Application Personal Statement Essay – $499

Supplemental School Essay(s) – $199-399 [varies by word count]

Scholarship Essay(s) – $199-399 [varies by word count]

Graduate Application Essay [Statement of Purpose] – $599

Medical School Experiences – $299

Perhaps you already have begun writing your essay. While I recommend the full program, I understand this may not meet everyone’s needs. I also offer final advice on an already-written essay. I will thoroughly review the essay for content and grammar and provide direct suggestions for improvement. Edits will be provided in writing and discussed virtually in one session.

Single-Session Edits – $99

After perfecting your college essays, why not make sure that everything is written and portrayed in the best light? The activities list is the portions of the application where you can showcase all you have been involved with. Make sure this section is organized, informative, and easy to read for admissions officer so they can read your story.

Activities List – $99

Because I know how important it is for all elements of your application to be unified and refined, if you sign up for a program including the Common Application Personal Statement essay and three or more Supplemental essays, you’ll receive advice, feedback, and edits on the Activities List for FREE.

Please sign up for a free consultation to discuss how you will best succeed!

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