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Personal Statement Essay

The Personal Statement Essay is the one portion of your college application to have your voice heard. The essay prompts are broad, meaning that you can take many liberties to find the perfect topic for introducing and expressing yourself.

Make this section count!

As an admissions officer, I read hundreds of college admissions essays. The Personal Essay has the ability to help a student stand out so that he or she will be remembered throughout the application cycle.

You can be one of those students.

That’s where I come in as your college essay coach. With my professional experience, I will serve as a personal editor and guide throughout your essay-writing process. I will get to know you, your personality, your values, to ensure that admissions officers see the best version of you on paper. I will help you brainstorm and develop a topic that is uniquely, brilliantly you and will assist you through the writing and editing.

We will communicate virtually via Skype or Zoom, and I always will be available via email for questions as the student writes and edits.

Why wait? Let’s start today – the more time, the better!

Supplemental College Essays

Often individual colleges will have specific topics they want to know about a student. It is particularly important in this instance to be able to illustrate how you will contribute to and collaborate with the pre-existing college community while maintaining true to your personality and values.

With the precise help of a college essay coach, you will be able to manage the intricate aspects that such an essay entails. We will assess the prompt, brainstorm ideas, and generate a outline. Writing and editing will follow in the process until you are confidence with the finished text.

As with all my essay programs, I will be with you every step of the way for optimal support.

Scholarship Essays

Scholarships are an ideal option to help to offset the cost of college; unlike loans you’ll never have to pay them back. Yet every scholarship is unique, which is vital to remember when applying. A blanket answer for ten will not do. You want to connect with the community offering the funds to show you are a good fit.

I’ve worked at a university with a wide variety of scholarships and understand the significance of adhering to the values of each individual organization. We will discuss the prompt and expectations of the scholarships and decide on a tactic to make you a viable candidate.

Like with the personal essay, I will assist with brainstorming, writing, and editing so that the essays are tailored to every scholarship. This will give you the best chances for success and the greatest likelihood to earn money toward college tuition!

Graduate Essays

Writing becomes evermore important the further along in higher education you go. Graduate admissions also tend to be more competitive, as there are more candidates competing for fewer slots available at a university. Be sure that your essay says everything about who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going to show professors why you belong in the program.

This program follows the same procedures as above, focusing on brainstorming, writing, and editing to be sure that your essay represents your best professional self.